Create more in-depth, readable content to improve search rankings

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September 14, 2021, 4:58 PM GMT+0

Studies show in-depth content creates a better user experience on the page, as measured by Google’s RankBrain algorithm.

Before creating marketing content, brands should be clear about their goals – the content must be readable and rankable. Creating long-form, in-depth content can help brands enhance user experience, improve the chances of gaining high-quality backlinks, and boost search rankings.

Influencers and industry leaders share long-form content more often on social platforms, bringing more traffic to the website. But, while creating long-form content, marketers should make sure the text easily conveys the brand message without forcing readers to give additional effort.

Marketers should start with an outline to maintain the sequence and flow of an in-depth article. Then, fill the gaps with research and expand the outline on authoritative points. Conduct polls on social platforms and use Q&A or forum sites like Quora to create content on topics that matter to their prospects.

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