Invest in a first-party data strategy to be a customer-centric business

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September 14, 2021, 5:09 PM GMT+0

A Google study found companies that link their first-party data sources could generate 1.5 times the incremental revenue from single ad placement, communication or outreach.

Marketers should focus on preserving their marketing performance while protecting user privacy. They should link all their first-party data sources to boost performance.

Footwear brand Deckers Brands experienced immense growth for a decade. But, it realised its growth had begun to slow down because of a lack of connection with its customers. Studies show that leveraging first-party data can help companies meaningfully engage with customers throughout their purchase journey.

To accurately measure while respecting user privacy, marketers should adopt a consent management platform that helps collect and manage user consent choices. But, make sure the platform is integrated with the company’s analytics tools for effective results. Brands can also use Google’s global site tag and Tag Manager to effectively and safely manage first-party data.

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