Marketers must create brand presence on Discord to build brand loyalty

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September 14, 2021, 5:08 PM GMT+0

Discord offers marketers a unique opportunity to engage consumers, build communities and enhance brand loyalty.

While it initially started as a platform for gamers, Discord's appeal has spread across a variety of audiences, right from influencers and content creators, to businesses and marketers. While the voice and chat platform does not offer native advertising tools, brands can use Discord to foster relationships with customers.

Create business-specific community servers and invite audiences to join. Initiate discussions on shared interests and converse with customers in real-time. Brands can also join other channels and servers relevant to the business and build a more extensive network. Similarly, brands can use Discord to understand their consumers' interests and ask them for feedback on the brand's offerings. 

Marketers must promote their Discord presence on other social media channels as well. Inversely, share links to external social profiles on Discord as well. Encourage customers to share doubts or questions they might have about the brand.

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