Automation programs can map consumer journeys and serve relevant messages

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September 15, 2021, 8:55 AM GMT+0

Continually testing automation programs can help brands enhance consumer journeys.

To understand how consumers interact with a brand and a website, map consumer journeys to serve relevant automated messages. Enabling a multi-team collaboration and using data in the right places can help brands overcome the challenges of customer journey mapping.

Focus on prospects' goals, objectives, and hurdles, while mapping customer journeys for the first time, as well as learn about their behaviour, engagement points, and more. Listing identifiable pathways, like from a PPC ad to the home page and auditing them via tools helps optimise the journey.

Use different automation programs to address challenges like onboarding, barriers to conversions, and more, and link them to each other to create a holistic view of the consumer journey. Marketers should consider consumers’ needs and offer relevant solutions to map the customer journey.

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