Create an effective target account list and segment audience to ensure ABM success

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September 15, 2021, 4:36 PM GMT+0

To ensure effective account-based marketing, marketers must identify which accounts the sales teams care about the most.

When it comes to account-based marketing (ABM), the focus is no longer on driving leads. Instead, ABM strategies focus on a multi-channel content strategy for key accounts to create more personalised experiences. The overall goal with ABM is to improve the account’s value.

Begin by developing a shortlist of high-value accounts and create a list of attributes associated with those accounts. These include the industry the companies belong to, the size of the organisation and revenue generated. After identifying the best-fit customers, select other prospect organisations with similar attributes. Next, determine audience segments to personalise content for.

Marketers should pay close attention to the triggers that encourage customers to move forward on their purchase journeys. Similarly, analyse how well marketing engagement metrics align with sales activities and business outcomes. Keep track of engagement signals, train sales teams to solicit feedback and dedicate resources for creating ABM performance reports.

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