Data clean rooms will prove useful in a cookieless web

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September 15, 2021, 2:12 AM GMT+0

Data clean rooms are most useful when data from them is used in combination with first-party data.

Data clean rooms have emerged as an alternative for ad-tech companies and advertisers, as third-party cookies get phased out. In data clean rooms from ad companies like Google or Facebook, brands can access aggregated data at scale.

While advertisers can view the ambiguous data in the clean rooms, they can not access individual or raw consumer data. The data sets provided in the clean rooms can be compared with the brand’s own first-party data allowing them to derive insights on their reach across different channels.

Brands looking to use data clean rooms like Google’s Ads Data Hub should have enough first-party data of their own, as data from cleanrooms isn’t always accurate. Implement robust CRM solutions to harvest first-party data and consider alternatives like Google’s FLoC.

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