Personalise content, offer quick help and stay in touch post-sale to spur leads

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September 15, 2021, 4:57 PM GMT+0

80% of consumers saying they are more likely to purchase from the brand offering personalised experiences.

Marketers must use the names of their customers in email subject lines to boost open rates. Similarly, brands must add relevant and personalised CTAs in their emails and reward customers with offers like free domes and discounts to build brand loyalty.

Understand what motivates the buyers to make a purchase. Instead of sending them standard messages, brands must personalise their content to reflect customers’ pain points, requirements and goals. Similarly, brands must ensure they do not delay their responses to customer queries and doubts beyond 24 hours.

70% of customers prefer referring to a website than a phone or email to get answers. Brands can create such bases, complete with manuals, infographics and blog posts, to offer timely help to their audiences. Even after making a sale, approach customers for feedback and stay in touch with them for events like their birthday, holidays or even work anniversaries they may be celebrating.

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