Pay more attention to referrals to enhance customer loyalty and brand engagement

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September 16, 2021, 3:31 PM GMT+0

Customers who encounter the brand through referrals are 82% more likely to stay loyal to the business.

To make the best out of referrals, brands must make it easier for customers to submit online reviews. Update contact details, like email address and contact number, on the website to make it frictionless for people to contact the brand. They should also update all information on the company’s Google My Business account and ensure all customer calls are answered amicably.

Instead of treating referrals like surprises, set goals and establish a referral system to achieve them. Ask existing customers to recommend the brand to others in their social circle, and reward clients for generating referrals. Similarly, offer exclusive discounts and deals on products as referral rewards to loyal customers.

Marketers can also consider creating referral guidelines that help customers better understand what the brand exactly offers, the kind of clients the brand serves and how consumers can make referrals effectively. To stay ahead of the competition, brands must always thank the referrer once the person makes a referral.

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