Automating Instagram posts and story replies can boost engagement

Tasim Zahid
September 17, 2021, 2:23 PM GMT+0

Automate direct message responses for Instagram DMs based on keyword triggers via the Automated Direct Messaging (ADM) feature.

Using tools like MobilMonkey to automate Instagram marketing helps distribute content efficiently while attracting more followers, boosting engagements, and growing brand awareness. Brands can increase the number of shares with story mentions on their promotional posts with automation.

Marketers can also automate their replies to those story mentions to build up consumer relationships. Log in to the Facebook Business Page to link MobileMonkey account, then select the "Chatbot" option, then "Chat starters" and "Instagram story mentions" to create and send automated replies.

Brands can also schedule their Instagram posts in advance and access critical growth insights using their Creator Account in the Creator Studio. Ensure all the automated direct messages are sent based on keyword triggers to boost engagement, increase followers, and drive leads.

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