Drive sales by offering high-value services in areas where competitors lag

Tasim Zahid
September 17, 2021, 8:43 AM GMT+0

Explain product benefits through high-value content formats like case studies to differentiate.

Brands looking to target prospects, drive sales, and differentiate from competitors, should pitch their products as competitive offerings. Position the products with a unique value proposition to entice potential consumers.

 An AYTM study said 78% of consumers actively check prices between stores, develop tailor-made products and price them at competitive rates to target consumers. Creating educational content like FAQs and tutorials around the product can help brands offer consumers value, improve authority, and boost sales.

Conduct a competitive analysis to obtain insights into the value-added services offered by competitors to provide better high-value services in the areas they are falling behind. Aligning the company with a charitable cause with the right messaging can humanise the brand and, as a result, augment sales.

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