Enhance in-email engagement with newsletters to engage prospects post-iOS 15

Tasim Zahid
September 17, 2021, 10:43 AM GMT+0

A hybrid of flat-rate and CPC models can help measure engagement rates among advertisers in iOS 15.

Apple's Mail Privacy Protection feature, which is set to launch on Monday, September 20th, could disrupt the way publishers and marketers utilise email. The Mail Privacy Protection feature allows users to choose whether or not to inform email senders when they've opened emails.

Publishers looking to mitigate the impact iOS 15 update should remind audiences that Mail Privacy Protection is an opt-in feature. If advertisers' email open rates drop, publishers can charge a flat rate of CPM depending on list size or set up a CPC model, notes Tyler Denk, CEO of Beehiiv.

Improving in-email engagement via newsletters and surveys can help publishers measure audiences engagement. As email grows as a potential subscription channel, newsletters are attracting new investments from major tech platforms.

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