Ensure exclusive elements on brand websites to avoid cannibalisation 

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September 17, 2021, 3:06 PM GMT+0

SEO Cannibalisation is when one site underperforms because of another URL optimised for similar search keywords. 

Search engine optimisation (SEO) cannibalisation refers to a situation when a website has two URLs that compete with Google to rank higher on the search results page. With multiple URLs optimised for a similar set of keywords, the site could perhaps perform less efficiently than expected. 

If one URL very evidently ranks higher than the other does, this is enough to alert marketers of a clear case of cannibalisation. But cannibalisation is not always obvious. For instance, Google displays two results in the top two ranks for “Naples”. One is for Naples, the Italian city, and the other is a city in Florida, USA. 

When one cannot combine the two different pages, brands should differentiate the sites with exclusive elements. Such sites should feature different information and should be optimised using different keywords. Similarly, if marketers can combine the sites, cherry-pick the best content from the pages. Pick the more potent URL in terms of backlinks and history, and redirect the other URL to the website that features the best content. 

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