Leverage style guides for crafting a solid brand identity 

Tasim Zahid
September 17, 2021, 9:16 AM GMT+0

Write content that is vibrant, mature and fresh to create practical style guides.

Develop a distinctive style guide that targets audiences, interests, and goals and aligns with the company's values to give it a unified brand voice. Visualising the brand identity as a cartoon character can help businesses create a style guide that anthropomorphises the company and connects prospects.

List down specific traits to convey the brand's voice and use appropriate language, words, phrases, and sentences to project a consistent tone of voice. Ensure the content creators are equipped with adequate brand tools to craft style guides aligned with the company's identity in varied content formats.

Define the type of humour that needs to be interjected within the messaging, including a list of words and phrases off-limits to set boundaries. Using the style guide in phone scripts, emails, and more can businesses express their identity.

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