Optimum use of AI can help brands enhance customer experience

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September 17, 2021, 8:45 AM GMT+0

With AI-powered tools, brands can consistently engage customers across channels and tailor interactions.

According to a Talkdesk report, while brands understand the need to enhance CX to build customer loyalty, few implement AI-powered tools to personalise brand communication. Only 30% of the surveyed retail contact centres use tools like intelligent knowledge bases, virtual agents and chatbots to deliver personalised experiences.

The report also establishes a clear link between satisfying customer experience and business revenue. Retailers that noted an increase in customer satisfaction in recent times simultaneously experienced a rise in revenue in the same period. However, businesses continue to struggle with certain aspects of CX. For instance, 50% of the respondents struggled with unpredictable variety and volume of consumer needs. Similarly, 44% of them face high CX operational costs.

With AI, brands will be able to tailor interactions with their customers effectively. Explore contact centre technologies, digital channels and speech analytics to engage audiences meaningfully. Focus on investments in AI-powered technologies, and align the organisation with the role contact centres play in business growth.

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