Brands must design minimalist web pages to enhance website accessibility

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September 20, 2021, 2:15 PM GMT+0

Minimalism can serve a number of purposes when it comes to making a brand website easy to navigate and boost user experience.

With minimalism, websites can direct their visitors’ attention to content that is most useful for the brand’s target audience. Complex UI/UX designs, coupled with dull graphics and cluttered buttons can make it complicated for customers to use a website. Similarly, brands can use minimal design to direct users towards a specific image or call-to-action.

Additionally, marketers must ensure the brand websites feature not more than three colours. With two or three-colour combinations, websites can effectively highlight more important brand elements on their webpages. Similarly, marketers must collaborate with designers to incorporate colour psychology while choosing colour combinations for their websites.

Minimalism can help brands target their customers effectively. Moreover, the negative space on a webpage further can help highlight important elements like CTAs. Along with making it easier for users to read and consume content on a site, negative space can help make a website look aesthetic and sophisticated.

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