CMOs should align marketing with CEOs’ overall goals to deliver value

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September 20, 2021, 11:29 AM GMT+0

Narratives around growth, revenue, value creation and share price can help CMOs communicate marketing efforts to other C-suite executives.

According to Deloitte, only 26% of chief marketing officers (CMOs) are invited to board meetings regularly. CMOs, to prove their value to the C-suite and win CEOs’ trust, should develop effective strategies to reinstate themselves as significant members.

Marketing’s goals must align with the CEOs' by focusing on top priorities and demonstrating a direct link to them and budget allocation. Create a narrative accounting for all the members of the leadership and how they can contribute to marketing.

To integrate new models of thinking, CMOs should reassess brand management, as it is often “one-dimensional.” Fostering relationships with CEOs and board members can help CMOs build credibility, trust, and prove their value.

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