Host varied online events to enhance digital engagement among members

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September 20, 2021, 12:31 PM GMT+0

Organising member data into segments and personas can boost employee participation in online meetings.

With COVID-19 pivoting team meetings to Zoom and Microsoft Teams, many employees and members are experiencing digital burnout and are struggling. To lower online fatigue, and boost engagement and attendance, companies must encourage their staff to get more involved.

Segment members and build personas based on geography and location, demographics, and behaviours and interests to optimise online communications and develop KPI-driven strategies. This can help brands drive engagement levels, as well as craft tailored content, influence members, and offer participation opportunities.

Develop tailored communication like surveys, wherein all members are addressed by their names and are distinguished by their tenure to retain member interest and attention. Further, attending virtual events could allow members to earn discounts, badges and rankings, custom e-learning, online lecture modules and more.

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