Optimise B2B site SEO using long-tail relevant keywords

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September 20, 2021, 10:25 AM GMT+0

SEO campaigns can help newer B2B brands enhance domain authority (DA) and rank higher on SERPs.

B2B brands with longer sales cycles and complex marketing funnels must develop SEO campaigns focused on awareness and authority to generate new leads and retain clients. Consider factors like awareness, consideration, intent, and decision throughout the B2B marketing funnel to optimise SEO.

Evaluate competitor data and rank for high-intent, long-tail keywords to target users with purchase intent. B2B brands may demonstrate expertise, build authority, drive CTAs and conversions by writing high-value blogposts solving customers' problems and ranking for relevant keywords.

Publish guest articles on sites with a high DA score and build backlinks via original content at scale. To optimise SEO, use Google Search Console to track the site's performance and link Google Analytics data to CRM to close the loop between marketing and sales.

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