74.9% of websites have permanent redirects

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September 21, 2021, 3:52 AM GMT+0

SEMrush’s analysis of 150,000 websites revealed that 8.58% of websites have redirect chains and loops, and 32.2% have temporary redirects.

Broken internal links were detected on 42.5% of the 150,000 websites analysed, causing difficulties in  crawlability, as per the report. Further, 40.5% of websites had broken external links, with 2.16% of external links expected to be broken on the internet.

External broken links have a negative influence on-page quality for both Google and users. 0.34% of websites have too many on-page links. Also 74.9% of websites had permanent redirects, while 2.57% of the links on the internet were permanent redirects.

When it came to no-follow attributes in outgoing internal and external links, 28.4% and 36.3% of websites contained them. Orphaned sitemap pages with no internal incoming links, were found on 84.1% of websites, and 88.8% have pages with one incoming internal link.

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