Conduct competitive content marketing analysis to be relevant among audiences

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September 21, 2021, 4:23 PM GMT+0

Competitive content analysis can help brands stay ahead in their content marketing strategy and use competitor’s efforts to their advantage.

To conduct a competitive content marketing analysis, marketers should first take inventory of their competitor’s content. Marketers should catalogue each content medium and content site; capture everything from blog articles to videos and their website.

While frequently published, short-form content gives insights into the range and relative importance of content topics and keywords, webinars can provide insights about audiences’ interest points. Use these insights, evaluate content and quantity, understand the extent of the focus each type of content receives from their competitors and how their audience receives that. Note their types of media, channels and frequency of posting content.

Marketers should also look for trends in engagement level – shares and comments – to understand the performance of their content. Further, tag and analyse the topics of each content piece. Creating a clear content map while considering the quality and quantity of content coverage by topic can help brands identify opportunities like content partnerships and create valuable content resources.

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