Create ads around the Hispanic Heritage Month to connect with Latino consumers

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September 21, 2021, 3:56 AM GMT+0

Use data to execute culturally diverse campaigns.

To reach out to Hispanic consumers during Hispanic Heritage Month, which began on 15 September, create authentic, engaging and results-driven campaigns. Conduct research on the Hispanic market to collate insights into the community, and create genuine and engaging marketing materials.

Manny Ruiz, co-founder, Brilla Media, advises marketers to “think bilingually and biculturally”, to address cultural sensitivities and regional differences. Marketers should be careful about using the term “Latinx” in their ad copies, as only 3% of the Hispanics use it, as per Pew Research Centre.

Brands would do well to ask their target audience rather than using terms that may seem derogatory in campaigns. Including Hispanic thought leaders and celebrities in the marketing outreach effort is recommended to build brand affinity and connect with the community.

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