Diverse, inclusive content on social helps connect with marginalised communities

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September 21, 2021, 3:18 AM GMT+0

Create and post consistent diversity and inclusion reports to reach people across ethnicities and geographies.

Incorporating diversity and inclusion marketing-related content across social media is recommended, as search queries on diversity and inclusion issues continue to rise. Diversity in advertising lowers negative sentiments, addresses difficult issues across social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and generates new content ideas.

With 2,100 racism-modified phrases on Facebook bringing in 27,000 monthly visits ranking, the company has informative blog content and allows racial justice forums to remain as Facebook Groups. Develop informative content targeting racism-modified terms to promote diversity on Facebook.

To tackle racism on Twitter and TikTok, brands must create content around marginalised communities, accessibility, and mental health to reach underrepresented people with disabilities. Craft content resources on diversity and inclusion and showcase brand policies on the site to boost transparency.

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