Unifying consumer data across channels can help brands boost sales performance

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September 21, 2021, 2:23 AM GMT+0

Record sales conversations via CRM and training enablement tools to coach sellers in real-time, continuously.

To enhance customer experiences, businesses should use advanced analytics to convert consumer data from CRM, sales, and digital marketing into commercial assets. Use information from a multitude of engagement tools like CRM, emails, marketing automation, and more, to coach sellers, inform decisions, and set priorities.

Collating and unifying all consumer data improves and allows automating cross-functional sales, marketing. Implement conversational AI solutions to integrate data across live sales calls and leverage the insights to support front line sellers with real-time assistance.

Consumer interaction and behavioural insights can further be added to CRM customer profiles using data from many touchpoints in real-time using systems that unify data. Monitor sales teams’ behaviours and activities and close the loop between their performance and training via analytics.

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