Benchmark Instagram data to prove value to brands and make realistic pitches

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September 22, 2021, 5:08 PM GMT+0

By using benchmark data, influencers can better demonstrate their value and set goals that match relevant interaction styles on the platform.

While it is essential for content creators on Instagram to collaborate with brands and engage with audiences, relying on benchmarked data is equally important. Benchmarking data helps influencers identify the category or niche they fit in and analyse their performance in the subject category.

Instagram features influencers across a variety of categories like travel, education, technology and media. While it takes 10,267 followers or more to feature in the top 25% in the travel category, at least 42,966 followers will get an influencer in the top 25% bracket in the media category.

Similarly, benchmarked data help influencers with other insights like the best time to post on Instagram. Instead of generic information, influencers must include niche data in their pitch to brands to stand out among the competition. By benchmarking data, influencers will also be able to set realistic goals for their brands.

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