Craft unique variations of previously posted content to drive backlinks

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September 22, 2021, 2:38 AM GMT+0

Use accurate structured data on pages, instead of spamming it with rich snippets to boost SEO.

Implementing black-hat SEO practices isn’t recommended, as these tactics are underhanded and could result in penalties or even criminal charges. Create a resource of valuable pages and relevant content and pitch it to publishers, to get backlinks, rather than purchasing them.

This violates Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and attracts a penalty from Google. Create in-depth content with long-tail natural keywords using SERPs and “people also ask” data via content gap analysis, as well as subheadings from top-ranking pages, instead of stuffing keywords.

Write new variations of previous articles aligning with users’ search intent to get backlinks, rather than spinning the same content across many sites. Brands shouldn’t spam comments on competitors’ blogs, leave negative reviews or send them low-quality backlinks, as this is unethical.

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