Focus on building links to improve SEO scores and boost organic traffic

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September 22, 2021, 4:37 PM GMT+0

Brands can reach out to other sites, guest author articles and identify broken resources to generate website links.

Marketers must approach other organisations in the same niche and explain how exactly the brand’s offerings help solve problems. This approach will help businesses boost the number of website links within their industry. Similarly, marketers can also author blogs and articles for other websites and include links to their official websites.

Similarly, look for websites within the industry niche that have broken links. Create content similar to the one published on the website with the broken link. Marketers can then reach out to other websites to ask them to link the broken resource to their content instead.

If a website link is removed from the page, identify why the link was removed and look for ways to update the content and make appropriate changes. Additionally, look for other websites that may have mentioned the brand or its products and not linked it back to the official website. Approach such sites and convince them to create a link.

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