Focus on practicality while creating campaigns to target Gen Z and Millennials

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September 22, 2021, 4:47 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests how brands can strategically design their campaigns to target audiences from both generations effectively.

Millennials and Gen Z will soon make up most of our workforce and will hold spending power. So, brands must understand the needs, pain points and desires of these audiences. While Millennials were raised in an economic boom and are optimistic about the future, Gen Z was raised during the Great Recessions and looks for security.

Around 51% of Gen Z said the top benefit of online shopping is comparing the same or similar products with different price points. In contrast, 55% of millennials said the biggest benefit of online shopping is convenience. While creating seamless experiences would attract millennials, highlighting practical values of products/services would convert Gen Z consumers.

To market to both the demographics, consider investing in mobile-first design and launching an app for a seamless shopping experience. Ensure the shopping site loads quickly, the checkout process is short, and the user interface is frictionless. Add practical value add-ons, like free shipping or discount codes, and invest in a strong brand identity.

Publish reports to highlight how the brand is taking action towards supporting a cause. As both generations follow and trust influencer recommendations, brands must collaborate with influencers and create content on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Further, create content that feels more educational and beneficial than a sales pitch. 

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