Brands must optimise mobile landing pages to maximise pay-per-call ad conversions

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September 23, 2021, 3:15 PM GMT+0

Pay-per-call ad campaigns are critical in the mobile age, as 56.75% of web traffic originates from a smartphone.

Studies show that mobile phones experience a much higher conversion rate than form-based leads, and phone leads are more engaged and less guarded. With more than half of all web traffic originating from smartphones, brands must pay more attention to their pay-per-call ad campaigns.

As a landing page is the first thing a user sees after clicking a pay-per-call ad campaign, businesses need to optimise their landing page as an extension of the ad. The landing page should highlight the portions which answer their prospects’ search queries. Marketers should use landing pages to reflect the need of their potential buyers from customers’ perspectives.

Additionally, each landing page should have a clear and straightforward call to action, a company logo and a colour combination that contrasts with the page’s background colour palette. Further, ensure that every element on the landing page, from CTA buttons to images, reflects the target audience's needs and expectations.

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