Marketers can use unsubscribe buttons to curate an engaged email list

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September 23, 2021, 4:53 PM GMT+0

By allowing users to unsubscribe from the list, brands can calculate more accurate click-through or open rates.

Although offering an unsubscribe button at the end of brand emails may keep businesses well within regulatory requirements, marketers can use the unsubscribe option to curate a highly engaged client list. For instance, email lists with many subscribers may have several recipients who may not want to receive the emails.

Ensure the unsubscribe button uses clear language, distinct colours and legible fonts for readers to spot the button quickly. Along offering the subscribers the choice to exit the email list, use the button to allow users to update their email preferences. Some users may want to opt-out of all communication, while others may wish to receive messages about specific topics.

When customers unsubscribe from the list, display messages that honour their decision instead of using negative language. Avoid asking users to log in to their accounts before unsubscribing from the list and include links to the brand's social media accounts as well. This way marketers can engage with them on other platforms.

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