Use podcasts to deliver relevant, informative and engaging content

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September 23, 2021, 4:50 PM GMT+0

By offering content that is insightful and appropriate, brands can generate leads and reach wider audiences.

When creating podcasts, marketers often get caught up with things like brand messages they want to convey, the people they want to feature in their episodes and sponsorship opportunities they can explore. Instead, brands must use podcasts to attend to their audiences' interests and needs.

A brand's priority should resonate with customers' interests in the podcast. This should be followed by offering brand offers and benefits (and furthering the brand's marketing agenda). Similarly, brands must monitor how well their podcasts are performing.  Apart from the number of downloads, keep track of how many listeners have used special links or coupons offered exclusively through the podcast. Choose episode titles that compel downloads.

Avoid starting episodes with lengthy ads, introductions or backstories. The central theme of the podcast should feature early on to keep the listeners hooked.

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