Brands can create Facebook in-stream video ads to expand their reach

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September 24, 2021, 4:34 PM GMT+0

Facebook in-stream video ads are ad breaks that appear in on-demand videos from publishers and live-stream videos from Facebook partners.

Facebook claims over 70% of Facebook in-stream ads are viewed all the way through, indicating users are actively choosing not to skip when given a choice. Additionally, in-stream ads also come with a guaranteed audience size.

However, publishers and creators need to meet specific requirements – like having at least 10,000 followers, at least 30,000 video views in the last 60 days and an eligible country – before monetising their videos with ad placements. While creating content for Facebook in-stream ads, marketers should try to give their best and introduce their star characters in the first three seconds to anchor the audience attention.

Marketers should use colours, sounds and movement to attract users’ interest and attention. Show the brand logo immediately, use brand colours and fonts for a clear visual identity. Use big, clear text in the video ads but keep the video short, sizable and straightforward. Further, include captions for speech, use audio-visual branding, mix static and video ads, and engage viewers through a personal conversation rather than a commercial presentation.

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