Build trust with the professional use of graphic design in paid ads

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September 24, 2021, 2:49 AM GMT+0

It also lends more authenticity to a business.

Getting the graphic design right in paid campaigns helps differentiate a brand, build trust and reinforces brand identity. Consider the typography, text and font size a brand wishes to use. A strong message can be conveyed through sharp, angular fonts, whereas softer fonts give off a “relaxed vibe.”

The visuals being used in paid campaigns can include illustrations, videos, photographs, logos, pie charts and graphs. These are particularly effective in reinforcing a written message or conveying messages better expressed through visuals than words.

The amount of white or negative space being used on a site or a landing page must be balanced. Additionally, use lines to build a sense of momentum or movement, create a mood or invoke a feeling and to compellingly organise information.    

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