B2B brands must market products and services using relatable messages

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September 27, 2021, 11:10 AM GMT+0

COVID-19 pandemic has forced brands to market products in new ways, shift to a digital landscape and focus more on customer convenience.

With the pandemic changing people’s lifestyles, brands must identify new ways to communicate their messages to their prospects. B2B companies can leverage social media and create vblogs and podcasts to convey their message with a personal touch, even without having to be in the same room with their audiences.

While planning marketing activities, brands must keep in mind that consumers now want convenience and control. Companies should market their products and services using relatable messages. By explaining the product or service in a way that helps the consumer relate to it more can help brands quickly develop a connection with their customers.

Add a little humour and combine a discount or special offer with a relatable message. For instance, writing something like “We know times are difficult now, so here is a 20% off code for your next order” can help B2B brands get a better response than a discount offer without the message.

B2B marketers should also focus on relationship building through transparency and strong communication. Further, create personalise ads tailored to mobile devices and enhance customer support by hiring virtual support agents and offering live chat along with SMS support and email support.

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