Businesses must focus on local flavours when expanding to international markets  

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September 27, 2021, 4:20 PM GMT+0

For startups who want to expand into international markets, they must first focus on how they would want to position their product or service in a new region.

Companies must start with an understanding of their global users and find out how their product can help a user in a new market. Brands must also consider the local flavours that they need to incorporate in their communication to attract the attention of that region’s audiences.

Brands should then design versions of the product that reflect local languages and offer a user experience that imbibes regional sensibilities. Use local examples and references in the messages and offer support in local languages. Additionally, leverage analytics tools to create global target personas and select a few countries for which the brand wants to create a localised, targeted marketing strategy.

Marketers should conduct tests to identify how they can position their brand in a new market and start building stronger relationships with the audiences of that market. Before setting out to expand the company across global markets, companies must evaluate whether their businesses are in the right stage to scale. Further, analyse the product-market fit and check whether the company has matured enough to navigate within global markets.

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