Publishers must capitalise on the pandemic-influenced increase in CTV consumption

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September 27, 2021, 3:25 PM GMT+0

Focus on streaming strategies, use existing customer base and diversify video content to successfully adopt the streaming landscape.

The total hours spent on connected TV (CTV) has increased 81% YoY, indicating that about 75% of consumers are watching more streaming content than they did before the pandemic. Legacy publishing companies must leverage the emergent media landscape and convert their publications’ readership into its viewership.

Publishers must rely on free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) services to build cost-effective streaming channels at little to no upfront cost. Certain FAST platforms allow publishers to create a streaming TV strategy and then help them accrue revenues through dynamic ad insertion technology. This way, publishers can create their streaming channels without significant monetary or engineering resources.

Publishing companies must tap into their existing customer base to boost their streaming audience. Similarly, use 4K video recording technology to convert ready story frameworks and written content plans into video narratives. Further, diversify content to enhance audience engagement. This will eventually lead to rising viewership, which will enable streaming channels to leverage increasing advertising opportunities.

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