Leverage action words to evoke emotional responses and boost conversions

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September 28, 2021, 2:44 PM GMT+0

When it comes to content marketing, brands must create content that evokes strong emotional responses and motivate readers to take desired actions.

Marketers must use their content to encourage customers to actively engage with the brand. Strategically use action words to evoke emotional responses and direct audiences to take desired actions. Brands can use action words like “Login”, “Join” and “Apply” to convey exclusivity in their offerings.

Similarly, brands can use words like “Hurry!”, “Act quickly!” and “Get it today!” to convey a sense of urgency. They can also offer educational content with action words like “Discover”, “Learn” and “Explore”. But, they should keep the content simple and address readers in an active voice and use clear, direct language.

By including action words in the headline itself, marketers can grab the attention of their readers immediately. To further conversions, marketers must add simple and clear CTAs. But, before choosing relevant action words, marketers must decide what kind of value they want to offer to their customers.

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