Use memes and hashtags in digital marketing campaigns to gain traction

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September 28, 2021, 3:58 PM GMT+0

Memes are simple visuals accompanies by short bits of humorous, intriguing and thought-provoking texts.

With younger generations – especially millennials and Gen Zs – appreciating memes in all their glory, brands must use memes in their marketing campaigns to gain the attention of their prospects. Using memes can help brands make an impression and get people talking on a particular topic. Depending on the brand message, marketers can use memes to promote their new collection, products or services.

Brands can use a famous quote to accompany their meme image or get creative and give the image an unexpected twist. But, they should be careful about the wording and make sure it is brand-specific. Start using a meme generator but customise existing templates with unique text, stickers and imagery.

Instead of limiting memes to social media, marketers should add memes to emails and blogs to make copies more engaging and youthful. Brands can combine memes with trending hashtags to further attract audience attention and engage them in relevant ways.

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