Evaluate average engagement rate to spot an influencers' fake followers

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September 30, 2021, 3:07 AM GMT+0

An influencers’ average engagement rate must be as close to benchmark as possible.

Before collaborating with an Instagram influencer, brands must do due diligence on whether their followers are real or fake. Watch out for followers whose profiles have display image and no activity as these might be fake.

Authentic influencers’ profiles ideally see an organic and gradual follower growth. When evaluating an influencers’ follower growth graph, keep an eye out for sudden spikes. These could be indicative of followers having been bought in bulk.

Further, for influencers that have a huge following but their average engagement rate remains unusually low, chances are the followers might be fake. The comment section could also serve as an indicator of fake followers. Expect real followers to leave comments that may be more personal and considerate.  

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