Flyer advertising builds brand awareness while being affordable to execute

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September 30, 2021, 2:03 AM GMT+0

Flyers might even be more memorable as they can be in a customer’s home for months and serve as a reminder.

Despite being one of the oldest forms of advertising, flyer advertising still holds merit and can be beneficial if used tactically. Being a direct advertising form, brands can be sure of having reached their ideal audiences.

In comparison to digital advertising, flyers are an easier bet. They are also quicker to prepare, easier to execute and more affordable. Further, existing flyers can be customised and updated to suit a brand’s current needs.

With flyers being a more tangible/physical ad format, it allows for trust to build as it gives customers an opportunity to have a physical interaction with a brand. Moreover, flyers work well in building brand awareness within a local community.  

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