There is a massive disconnect between how marketers and customers look at CX: Study

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September 30, 2021, 5:43 PM GMT+0

The recent Harris Poll-Redpoint study found that lack of consistency is one of the primary reasons why 74% of customers believe brands fall short of delivering an “excellent” experience.

While consumers expect brands to personalise their omnichannel experiences, many still feel unseen (55%) and undervalued (48%) by the brands they interact with. 48% of customers also believe the experiences they are provided rarely meet their expectations.

In contrast, 95% of marketers believe their industry is headed in the right direction, with 93% believing that they deliver exceptional CX. Despite being confident in their personalisation delivery, marketers are now willing to admit rising challenges. Marketers also agree data is a problem, with data quality/accuracy being the area they most want to improve.

Personalisation is a crucial element for younger consumers, especially Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, 39% of all consumers will no longer do business with a brand that does not offer a personalised experience.

Interestingly, most consumers say the pandemic has made it critical for brands to know their customers’ individual needs and preferences. Additionally, 78% of customers also said brands that were transparent about the challenges they experienced in delivering during the pandemic retained their loyalty more than brands that did not acknowledge those issues.

The study further found some of the top drivers of advancement/innovation in today’s CX strategy are personalisation, flexible delivery systems, and always-on, omnichannel, omnipresent experiences.

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