83% of ad blocking users find floating/autoplay videos “very” annoying

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October 04, 2021, 12:22 PM GMT+0

AdBlock Inc. recently surveyed 754 of ad blocker users to find how “annoying” internet distractions are rated by those surveyed.

The distractions users were asked to rank included newsletter pop-ups, cookie notifications, survey request pop-ups, and social media share buttons. Over 90% of the users found five of the six distractions in the report annoying.

However, less than 90% of the survey respondents ranked social media share buttons as annoying, autoplay/floating videos were rated as “very” annoying by 83% of survey respondents. Also, 71% of respondents say promotional pop-ups are “very” annoying. 

The respondents were polled in August 2021. The study aimed to discover what other internet distractions are considered annoying by users apart from ads online.

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