Build a landing page with relevant links and CTAs to increase webinar attendees

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October 05, 2021, 2:00 AM GMT+0

Thanking attendees through a follow-up email improves engagement and attendance for the next webinar.

Crafting the right type of messaging with the right tool and sending it to appropriate audiences at the right time, works well to increase webinar attendees. Determine the target audience, objectives, pain points, and other factors before promoting webinars.

To boost attendance, build a landing page aligned with the main site, and include relevant data, links, sign-up forms, and CTAs. Integrate email marketing, social media ads, site popups or banners into the mix to boost sign-ups, target specific audience segments and communicate brand values.

Marketers should send out a series of automated email and SMS reminders to those who have registered to ensure attendance. Create remarketing ads on social media to connect with prospects and update attendees about any changes to the event.

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