A design thinking approach can help marketers categorise blog content

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October 05, 2021, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Catalogue keyword clusters, content gaps, connections, and existing content to collect insights and categorise content appropriately.

Creating categories and topics for weekly blog content could help sort out content types and provide marketers with a better direction during the content creation process. Blog categories and content themes improve the editorial development process, fine-tune the brand message, enhance user experience and SEO.

A strategic approach like repurposing old topics, linking new and existing ideas, and more is recommended while picking blog categories. Use topic modelling to detect patterns, extract topics, and more via auditing, keyword research, and thinking like the target audience.

Implement design thinking practices to approach categorising content with a human-center and empathetic methodology and resolve pain points. Empathise with the readers, clearly define the problem, ideate solutions, build a prototype, and test the content solution.

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