Openly acknowledge and address negative reviews to establish credibility

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October 05, 2021, 4:52 PM GMT+0

Around 84% of people say they trust online reviews as much as their friends.

B2B Brands should think and go beyond traditional measures to establish transparency, highlight third-party voices, portray influencer authenticity and create buzz-worthy experiences to build credibility. To further credibility, businesses should embrace radical transparency externally. Instead of burying or ignoring negative customer reviews, companies should openly acknowledge and address them.

Avoid obscuring product/service pricing. Instead, share these prices upfront. Companies should always own their mistakes and share what they learn from these mistakes. Be forthright about who the product or service is not a fit for and recognise the relative strengths of competitors in marketing materials. Leveraging these steps to adopt radical transparency can help B2B companies eliminate surprises and dramatically increase buyer confidence.

Highlighting research from authoritative market research firms can help nurture customer trust. They should build authentic case studies that focus more on illustrating the branded solution’s impact on customer organisations. Collaborate with influencers who are recognised, respected and trusted in the industry.

B2B companies should also create compelling thought leadership content that counters conventional wisdom and encourages audiences to start talking. Deliver outstanding customer experiences and host virtual events to bring together like-minded people in the niche. Running polls and conversation-starters can help take a leading role in critical conversions and engaging with leaders in the sector.

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