Develop a data-driven strategy to boost marketing efforts

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October 07, 2021, 4:09 PM GMT+0

With properly organised and accessible data, marketers can better connect each of their efforts to campaign dollars.

Marketers should start collecting data before they need it. Before deciding what analytics data to track, companies should begin establishing their goals and business objectives to get more sales or make more money. After setting up goals, reverse-engineer the touchpoints along the customer journey and determine what to track to determine the progress.

Pay more attention to each customer step and track micro-conversions along the customer journey. Use online tracking tools like Google Analytics and Facebook analytics to dig into every facet of customers’ interactions with their online presence.

Review analytics to find opportunities to improve, analyse which activity to start and which one to stop. Analytics can also help marketers identify the right influencer for their brand. Further, log into Ads Manager or Business Manager to scale practical marketing activities and stop non-effective activities.

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