Use contextual and native ads to reach consumers cost-effectively

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October 07, 2021, 2:02 AM GMT+0

A type of contextual advertising, native advertising looks like native content or media on a website.

Businesses that want to run paid media campaigns can use contextual and native advertising to reach consumers at relatively lower costs. Contextual ads are relevant to the content on the page and are segmented based on keywords, topics, and categories.

This determines the placement of ads alongside relevant topics, for example, health and music. These ads are more affordable than behavioural ads, they comply with consumers’ privacy, and they are more likely to protect and enhance a brand's reputation and position among prospects.

Creating native ad campaigns to serve on social media or a website can help brands promote products or services without disrupting the users’ browsing experience. Native ads help boost brand awareness, build trust, engage, and connect with consumers authentically.

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