Use a digital asset management tool to organise content files

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October 07, 2021, 2:57 AM GMT+0

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software can “ingest” and easily organise an unlimited number of files.

B2B marketers should incorporate DAM software to optimise their digital asset workflow and increase search findability both externally and internally within their organisation. DAM allows B2B companies to optimise their content and the various elements that make up their digital assets.

With the use of DAM software, search marketers can swiftly and methodically identify internal search campaign assets, analytics data in spreadsheets, to inform their marketing efforts. A smart DAM system can complement the findability of a search marketing campaign.

Companies can use DAM software to execute complex searches within internal networks and organise files in multiple views and timelines, as B2B marketing involves numerous content files. A DAM solution can help businesses manage digital assets across formats.

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