Brands must leverage copy errors to poke fun at themselves and humour audiences

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October 08, 2021, 2:23 PM GMT+0

Marketers can use glaring typos, misspellings and other mistakes those mistakes to humanise the brand.

If the brand name itself is misspelt, marketers could create other ad copies that incorporate those wrong spellings. This way, the brand’s ad may pop up even when customers search for the business using the misspelt version of the brand name.

When writing ad copies, use words that are spelt and sound the same but have different meanings. This helps make the brand memorable. Sensational spellings like “Krispy Kreme” can help ads get more attention. Marketers can use sensational spelling tactics to land a greater visual impact on readers who may skim through advertisements.

Misquote popular quotes and use often misspelt keywords that fewer brands incorporate in their campaigns. Bidding on keywords that are misspelt but have decent volume may not be very expensive as well.

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