Brands should leverage Content Delivery Networks to offer faster UX on their websites 

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October 11, 2021, 6:28 PM GMT+0

With internet users on the rise, content delivery networks (CDNs) can help businesses boost their reach and enhance their CX.  

A CDN is a network of computer networks spread across different locations across the globe. Due to its vast network, a server in a particular CDN can distribute content to its target location faster. For example, a user in the US can load content from a US server faster than from a server in Europe. 

CDNs help web hosts cache content. This way, hosts can load assets like images and videos faster, with less bandwidth. Less travel time between a user and a web host means fast web page load time. This way, businesses can about hold-ups caused by distance and constant access requests. 

Faster web page speeds also help the website offer better UX, which allows the site score favourable SEO rankings. While selecting a CDN provider best suited for the business, companies must understand how exactly the service works. Determine how often the data is cached and how frequent the provider’s security checks are. 

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