Meaningful customer relationships are key to fill the cookie void

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October 11, 2021, 5:38 PM GMT+0

Brands must build customer loyalty to identify what works with their target audience and what does not.

The third-party cookie exit has resulted in two broad consequences. Firstly, consumers, today want to know more about how their information is collected and processed. Secondly, marketers now need to get creative and more beyond cookies to collect valuable customer data.

Brands today must rely on parameters like time spent on a web page to understand the interests of their target audience. Data sharing is now the outcome of brand-consumer collaborations. Consumers want brands to build customer loyalty and cultivate better relationships with them.

This also means brands will now have to rely on personalised communication to yield targeted insights. Brands must learn to use technology intelligently to help marketers engage with clients across channels. Similarly, use technology to gather real-time information and draft accurate reports.

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